Policies & Procedures

Please see below our most useful Policies and Procedures.
Arrivals and Departures 2021.pdf
Administering Medication 2021.pdf
Admissions & Fees 2021.pdf
Aggressive behaviour 2021.pdf
Anti-bullying Policy 2021.pdf
Babysitting policy 2021.pdf
British Values 2021.pdf
Behaviour Management.pdf
Child Induction 2021.pdf
Children with Additional Needs 2021.pdf
Closure of the Setting due to Staff Illness 2021.pdf
Complaints 2021.pdf
Contingency Plans 2021.pdf
Confidentiality 2021.pdf
Covid - 19 policy.pdf
Critical Incident Plan 2021.pdf
Dangerous Plants 2021.pdf
Data Protection 2021.pdf
Eco Policy 2021.pdf
Emergency Evacuation 2021.pdf
EYFS 2021.pdf
Fire Safety 2021.pdf
Healthy Eating 2021.pdf
Illness & accidents 2021.pdf
Internet Safety 2021.pdf
Intimate Care 2021.pdf
Involving parents 2021.pdf
Lockdown 2021.pdf
Lone Working Policy 2021.pdf
Manual Handling 2021.pdf
Missing Children 2021.pdf
Mobile Phones 2021.pdf
No Platform Policy 2021.pdf
Pandemic Flu.pdf
Parent Privacy Notice 2018.pdf
Racial Harassment.pdf
Risk Assessments 2021.pdf
Safe Recruitment policy 2021.pdf
Safeguarding & welfare Annex A.pdf
Safeguarding & Child Protection 2021.pages
Settling In Policy 2021.pdf
Sick Children & illness 2021.pdf
Smoking alcohol and drugs 2021.pdf
Social Media 2021.pdf
Staff Behaviour 2021.pdf
Staff Children policy 2021.pdf
Staff Disciplinary 2021.pdf
Staff Grievance 2021.pdf
Staff Holiday 2021.pdf
Staff Induction 2021.pdf
Staff Pregnancy 2022.pdf
Staff Privacy Notice 2018.pdf
Students and Volunteers 2021.pdf
Suspension and exclusion 2021.pdf
Terms & Conditions.pdf
Uncollected children 2021.pdf
Use of mobile phones 2021.pdf
Visitors 2021.pdf
Visits and Outings 2021.pdf
Whistle Blowing 2021.pdf