Before School Club

Before School club is open Monday to Friday during term time at Barnabas Oley School Hall from 7:45am till 8:50am.

Your children can come and play at a nice relaxed pace and (optionally) enjoy a healthy breakfast with their friends, before being escorted to their class ready for the school day.

Your child has the choice to play tennis, board games, colour, read, build dens or even practice some gymnastic skills at Breakfast Club. 

We even get to play outside on the playground with balls, hoops and lots of other fun filled activities. 


Breakfast consists of cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit and orange or apple juice. 

There may be days where the menu differs slightly but we always provide sufficient alternatives.

Options and Pricing

We have two options available to help suit your requirements;

 Option 1  - Without breakfast - £4.50


Option 2 - with breakfast - £5.50

We take regular and ad hoc bookings.

Places must be booked at least the day before.

Please do not drop children off without booking first

We will always provide alternative foods for children with allergies.